How can you rely on Fildena for your treatment of erection dysfunction? Will strong erection appeared?

Strong erectionWe answer your question now – Fildena gives you wonderful erection and it will be very fast. It’s much stronger than regular Viagra, because it’s produced in soft gel. It consists 100 MG of Sildenafil!!! After the dose of this drug , erection will be under control, it will appear only after your partner will caress penis.

Pay attention! Fildena is selled by the name of Viagra Super Active! You can buy fildena HERE

Fildena is created not for the sex extension, but for the treatment of the erection dysfunction. This drug was introduced by the pharmaceutical company Fortune Health Care, which is situated in India.
The main active substance is Sildenafil. When this substance enters the blood, it corrects processes of production of nitric oxide and enzyme PDE-5 in soft and effective way. Sildenafil stimulates and accelerates the production of NO, and phosphodiesterase production of the 5-th type is braking under it’s impact. Due to the fact that the moment of forming PDE-5 moves away, necessary for the optimal relaxation NO concentration accumulates – and as a result there is full blood filling of the cavernous bodies of the penis and powerful erection. The feature of Sildenafil is the fact, that it is not form spontaneous erection, but it influences the physiological process in natural way. This drug has no influence on men’s fertility, it doesn’t change sperm composition and it’s not addictive.

This drug is very good at fight with the organic impotence. If you take it before sexual intercource, you will significantly improve the quality of intimate life, but you should consult with your attending doctor before the beginning of the treatment.

If impotence is provoked by mental disorders, the Fildena gives no expected effect. In such cases it’s rather better to ask qualifies psychologist for help.

In conclusion we can say: Fildena provides a strong erection, which will be under your control, it consists of 100mg Sildenafil as a soft gel, quick achievement of the needed result in compare with regular Viagra.

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